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Other ways of tackling life (with or without neurodivergence)

Perhaps Home Scrum isn’t quite right for you – never fear! Here are a whole host of other ideas for managing time, mental health, and living well in general that I have collected together as suggestions for you to take a look at.

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I love making mind-maps. Mind-maps can be used for whenever you’re trying to think about something. I use them for planning, but also to prepare ideas for public speaking and for writing, for studyi

If I could give people with ADHD one website to help them, it would be Focusmate. For a very reasonable monthly fee of $5, you can link up with another person online to complete a fifty minute block o

The idea of creating habits out of micro-behaviours has gained traction and popularity with the more recent book Atomic Habits by James Clear, but well before that there was BJ Fogg and his Tiny Habit

Bullet journaling is the system I would recommend for neurodivergent people to use if you can’t find others to do Home Scrum with you. The bullet journaling system was designed by a developer with A

Habitica The Habitica website is a wonderful community of people who all struggle to get things done, but often do a lot better by putting everything they need to do through the world of Habitica. You

You don’t need any technology or tools to practise mindfulness (although the meditation apps Headspace or Balance are good places to start learning about it). When I was trying to think of thing

I am using the Freedom app right now, in order to keep focused on writing this blog post. It lets you block whatever apps and websites you need to, across all the devices you need to, for whichever ti

An unusual app that I use to help myself cope with life is called WhatsMock. (This app looks like a similar one for iPhones.) WhatsMock is used to create fake WhatsApp conversations, which you can the

The Finch app is essentially a phone game where you can look after a virtual pet (a finch, shockingly). The difference is that the whole game has been designed to encourage self-care. You are presente

Anki is an app/website for memorising flash cards. Just like with any flash cards, you have a question or prompt on one side and an answer on the other. A common use for flashcards is having a word in

How to practise a physical skill As a child, teenager and young adult, I spent a lot of time practising violin and piano. As I have discussed elsewhere, I think the approach I took was far too rigid a

When considering how to live a good life, any self-help resource that doesn’t mention mental health is not considering the full picture. To that end, I wanted to mention how to get an accredited cou

Forest app The Forest app has a very simple premise: it helps you to stop using your phone (or tablet, or particular websites on your desktop) for a particular period of time. How? While the Forest ap