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Medium track | Practicality-focused

These posts include all the ‘core’ posts from the fast-track, but also include a bit more detail on some techniques. I’ve kept it tightly focused on practical ideas around how to do Home Scrum.

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Scrum is a way of organising a small group of people to work together. The whole system is defined fully in the Scrum Guide, which is only 12 pages long. It involves using a board with columns represe

Who could benefit from Home Scrum? Scrum is used to help small groups of people to generate “adaptive solutions for complex problems.” A lot of things fit in the category of a complex problem, inc

Gathering your equipment You don’t need much to do Home Scrum, and you likely could improvise solutions from what you already have. But you may want a bit more in the way of equipment, and if so, th

What are the Scrum events? In Scrum, we avoid the term ‘meeting’ because even inside the corporate world, it has too many negative connotations. They used to be called ‘ceremonies’ but now the

The main purpose of your Daily Scrum is to meet as a whole team in front of your Scrum board and share your progress and obstacles, ideally towards your Sprint Goal. It is time-boxed to fifteen minute

The importance of iteration in Scrum cannot be overemphasised. But why do we put such weight on the idea of repeating stuff? Be empirical One major reason why Scrum is more effective than other (for w