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I wrote this blog with a neurodivergent audience in mind. I want to make sure that, if Home Scrum might be helpful for you, it is as easy as possible to get the information. I do not mind at all if you don’t want to read this whole blog, or even most of it. This page is going to help with that by putting a bit of a new spin on the post categories and tags for Home Scrum.

I have prepared a variety of ‘playlists’ or tables of content from the blog posts, to give you different suggestions for a longer or shorter reading order. Think of these as different paths through the blog, from the straightest, shortest, flattest path, to a meander through the woods, with time to climb a few hills and take in extra details.

Professor Francis wants to know: What reading order will you choose?

Reading orders (tags)

The Speed-Run

Literally two posts!

The Whole Blog

Imagining the blog as a book.


If you prefer to browse the blog through collections of different types of posts, then here are all the category playlists.

task diagram

How to do Home Scrum

Includes a sub-category of posts for ideas for Home Scrum that we don’t use.

externalised: out of brain onto paper

Why Home Scrum works

What makes Scrum such an effective framework for tackling life together?

People’s experiences using Home Scrum

Includes a sub-category of posts for Francis and Sally’s experiences of using Home Scrum.

food triggers desire which prompts approach

The psychology and philosophy of productivity, procrastination and perfectionism

Musings I’ve had about various supporting topics to do with how our mind manages to persuade us (or not) to get stuff done.

Other ways of tackling life (with or without neurodivergence)

An appendix of all the other tips and tricks I have about life and productivity and organisation which are not Home Scrum.