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Bullet journaling

Bullet journaling is the system I would recommend for neurodivergent people to use if you can’t find others to do Home Scrum with you. The bullet journaling system was designed by a developer with ADHD, so it is made with both the principles of Scrum and brain-friendliness in mind. 

Bullet journaling both suffers and benefits (like mind-mapping) from a community making artistic, showy examples which can feel extremely intimidating. It has become an art-form in its own right and there is a large chunk of YouTube devoted to people making stunning ‘month spreads’. By the time you’ve coloured one in the next month is already upon you.

So tempting, but so much work.. and this is a relatively low-key example of a decorative monthly spread. Credit
A much more approachable version of bullet journaling. Credit

If making your bullet journal beautiful brings you genuine joy, then go for it, but if not, then deliberately ban all signs of beauty and go full utilitarian to fend off any encroaching sense of perfectionism.

I will not attempt to explain the ins and outs of how bullet journaling works, as the introduction video on the website above does a very good job, but just to give you some idea, it involves keeping daily (refreshed) to-do lists as well as monthly calendars all inside one notebook. The notebook can also store anything else you want it to. It is an incredibly powerful and flexible system and, like Scrum, can be adapted to how you would like to do it.

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