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If I could give people with ADHD one website to help them, it would be Focusmate. For a very reasonable monthly fee of $5, you can link up with another person online to complete a fifty minute block of work (again, a little pomodoro-like), and you keep your webcams on the whole time so the other person can see that you’re doing it. You can also share your screen so they can see what you’re working on, and even keep your microphones on (this is rare, most people prefer to keep them off, but can definitely boost focus with the feeling that someone really is sat next to you working). 

I have used it for years, and although over time I have gradually become more lax with actually knuckling down to work once I’m on the Focusmate, it is still one of the best ways I have to guarantee that I will actually sit down in front of my computer at a certain time to meet my Focusmate appointment, which sometimes is at least half the battle.

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