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The psychology and philosophy of productivity, procrastination and perfectionism

These posts are more about the surrounding brain issues to do with trying to get things done, from mental health to executive function to culture. These are all my musings on the topic from a life of extreme productivity to extreme procrastination.

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The ‘Knowing-Doing Gap’ is an idea, like Scrum, that I have borrowed from the world of corporate self-help. It is a frustrating human truth that our knowledge does not usually drive our behaviour.

During my final year studying Music at Cambridge University, I was riddled with perfectionism and careening towards total burn-out. Eventually, I had such a bad anxiety attack that my parents explicit

When thinking of tasks or projects or goals, it is useful to think about scope. The scope of a task or project means almost the same as its size, but with a bit more subtlety, because it is defined (b