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Francis and Sally’s experiences of using Home Scrum

Personal examples of how Francis and I use Home Scrum and the difference it has made in our lives.

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Once you know the difference that it has made in our lives, it is easy to see why we use Home Scrum. A day in the life (now) My husband Francis gets home at 4:30pm and comes straight upstairs to see m

Like many couples, Francis and I aim to be equal partners in life. However, that doesn’t always translate into equal effort in every endeavour. When it comes to Scrum, in general, I have often ended

I started my first day as a trainee software developer in July 2017. However, for the first three days the company didn’t teach us about coding; they taught us about Scrum. I had heard of Scrum

Letting go The next few posts took me a while, because I wasn’t sure what I was trying to say, or how to say it without repeating myself over and over again. Eventually I realised that they all shar